[ Download ] PDF 1.3 MB

Brochure for DuraFill Ultra-lightweight EPS Geofoam versatile construction fill.

[ Download ] PDF 380 KB

Spec sheet describing Dura EIFS.

[ Download ] PDF 1.9 MB

Spec sheet describing the DuraCore HP garage door insulation kit.
EPS Properties

[ Download ] PDF 248 KB

Description and technical data for Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).
Gold-Guard Foundation

[ Download ] PDF 1.1 MB

Spec sheet describing the technical and physical propereties of Gold-Guard foundation perimeter insulation.

[ Download ] PDF 1030 KB

Standard size three-panel Gold-Wall product brochure.

[ Download ] PDF 1.2 MB

Spec sheet describing Profile EPS insulation and siding backer.
Insulated Roof Systems

[ Download ] PDF 260 KB

Spec sheet describing insulated roof systems, including EPS flat, tapered and composite insulated systems.
Metal Deck Roof Insulation

[ Download ] PDF 276 KB

Spec sheet describing the use of EPS thermal insulation over metal roof decks.
Ultrafold TPM

[ Download ] PDF 264 KB

Spec sheet describing the use of Ultra-Fold TPM material to protect and insulate roofs.
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