Insulation and Architectural Shapes

DuraEIFS™ expanded polystyrene (EPS) can be readily fabricated into a variety of configurations to afford a higher degree of freedom in architectural design considerations. It is ideal for exterior installation, in both new construction and in retrofit applications, providing an economical alternative for traditional construction materials.


  • Compatible and approves for most EIFS currently on the market
  • Oven cured for unsurpassed long-term dimensional stability
  • Random third-party testing assures consistent quality in every piece
  • Meets all performance standards as specified in ASTM C 578

Physical Properties ASTM Test Method
Nominal density 1.00 pcf C 303 or D 1622
Thermal Resistance R-Value
4.17/in at 40 F
3.85/in at 75 F
C 177 or D 518
Compressive Strength 10-14 psi D 1621
Water Vapor Transmission 2.0 - 5.0 perm in E 96
Water Absorption 4.0 (max) % by volume C 272
Flame Spread 15 E 84
Smoke Developed 95-125 E 84
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